Refugee Mental Health Program (RMHP)

The Refugee Mental Health Program is funded through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF). Under DCF - Refugee Assistance Program, Sebastian Family Psychology Practice, LLC provides comprehensive, bilingual & bicultural services that includes mental health, AODA, case management, and supportive services. The clinic utilizes a variety of trauma-informed intervention modalities, along with supportive services that includes psycho-education, outreach, assessments, referral and triages, case management, interpretation, and consultations.

Our Refugee Clients Include
Southeast Asians (Hmong, Burmese), Middle Eastern (Iraqis, Pakistani, Iranians, Palestinians), Africans (East Africans - Sudanese, Eritreans, Ethiopians; West Africans - Congolese, Liberians), Yugoslavians (Bosnians, Croatians, Serbians), and Caribbean.

Eligibility for Refugee Services
Individuals must have refugee status and have been living in the USA for 60 months or less. The 60 month eligibility requirement is exempt for refugees, who are seeking citizenship services.

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