A message from Dr. Sebastian


Thank you for your interest in Sebastian Family Psychology Practice, LLC. We are on the forefront of mental health care in Milwaukee and consider ourselves fortunate to be serving a diverse group of clienteles. Our clinic is staffed by a team that is professional, ethical, cultural, and linguistically diverse. It is our pledge to properly serve all of our clients. We are proud of our long commitment and have served this community for a period exceeding 28 years, through a transition from sole proprietary to incorporation under Sebastian Family Psychology Practice, LLC.

Over time, we have diligently kept up with current research and best practice recommendations. It is predicted that in 2025, the global impact of mental health and substance abuse related illnesses, will become the 3rd leading cause of death or disability (per CDC, WHO, and National Institute of Health). We painfully are aware that poverty, economic disadvantage, and unequal social justice, contribute as threats to human wellness and well-being.

We continue to march on by providing individualized integrated behavioral healthcare, by being trans-culturally, linguistically wise, and by abiding with multidisciplinary practices. This requires us to partner with academic and research institutes, such as Medical College of Wisconsin, Marquette University, University of Milwaukee, and Mt. Mary University. We offer clinical placement experiences in community integrated behavioral health, medicine, social work, and other allied sciences. We are committed to contribute to the field-work experiences of future clinicians and practitioners.

Please visit our website for the range of services we provide in diverse languages. Jointly, Yvonne Ssempijja, my co-founder and partner, as well as the entire team, do truly welcome you to our agency.

Sebastian Ssempijja, Ph.D.
CEO/Clinic Director